Super Group Chats

Super Group Chats allow you to reach the max conversation size stated on your plan, bypassing the 50-participant limit at the cost of some features.

Normally, everyone in the chat is a Participant. As a participant, you get notifications, can find the chat in your Inbox, and appear in the participant list. However, only 50 participants can be added to each conversation.

A "Super Group Chat" is simply a conversation where people join as guests instead of participants. This lets you create larger chats, with thousands of people chatting at once.

Use cases

Super Group Chats are great for use cases such as:

  1. General lobby room for an online event. People can gather and discuss general stuff.
  2. Live video streaming events. You can attach a realtime shout box/discussion box for your digital event.
  3. Large group chats inside a company-wide collaboration tool

Guest Access Limitations

Guests differ from Participants in a number of ways:

Limit per Conversation50Depends on plan
Send & Receive Messages
Send Files, voice messages, location
React with emojis
See when people are typing
Others see when they type
Can be @mentionedAfter sending a message
Unread messages tracked
Desktop Notifications
Email/SMS Notifications
Appears in participant list
Chatbox UI
Popup UI
Inbox UI
Conversation appears in inbox
WebhooksExcept Notifications, Message Read

Some features listed above are only available if they are enabled for that user's role. The table assumes that all features are enabled.

Additionally, guests are ephemeral. After a guest disconnects from the chat, the only thing left behind is the messages they sent. Typically, these limitations will not cause any issues in a large public chat channel.

Note that a user can be a participant in some conversations and still open other conversations as a guest. A common setup is to use participants for direct messages or small private group chats, and guest access for larger, "open" chat rooms.


There's a limit to how many guests can have the same conversation open at once. This limit is substantially higher than the participant limit of 50, and varies by plan (see pricing). Users attempting to join a conversation after it has reached that limit will see an error message informing them that the chat is full, and to try again later.

In the theme editor, the conversation.isGroupChat variable should not be used to detect super group chats. It's only true when there are 3+ participants in the chat. If you have 2 participants and 100 guests, conversation.isGroupChat will be false. Consider creating a theme specifically for super group chats.

Using Guest Access

See the examples on the page about Guest Access