Super Group Chats

Super Group Chats are a way to join thousands of people in a single chat room. Conceptually, TalkJS has only a single chat room type: the Conversation. By marking your users as Guest when joining a conversation, you can have larger numbers of people in a room without having to upgrade your plan.

Normally, you would make everyone in the chat a Participant. Being a participant means you can get notifications, you can find the chat back in your Inbox, and so on. However, there's a limit to how many participants a conversation can have (see pricing).

A "Super Group Chat" is simply a conversation in which all people join as guests instead of participants. This let you circumvent the participant limit at the cost of fewer features.

Use cases

Super Group Chats can be a great fit for use cases such as:

  1. General lobby room for an online event. People can gather and discuss general stuff.
  2. Live video streaming events. You can attach a realtime shout box/discussion box for your digital event.
  3. Large group chats inside a company-wide collaboration tool

Guest Access Limitations

Guests differ from Participants in a number of ways:

  1. Guests do not receive email/sms notifications.
  2. Guests are not be counted to the participant limit.
  3. When guests type, other users do not see a typing indicator.
  4. Conversations opened by guests will not be a part of their Inbox.
  5. Conversations opened by guests are not returned from the User Conversations REST API endpoint
  6. You can't open a conversation as a guest in the Inbox - it only works with the Chatbox or the Popup.
  7. Participants are shown in the member list of a conversation, but guests are not kept track of. Notably, when a guest leaves a conversation, there is no trace of them other than the messages they wrote.

Note that it is perfectly possible for a user to be a participant in certain conversations but open other conversations as a guest. A common setup is to use participants for direct messages or small private group chats, and guest access for larger, "open" chat rooms.


There's a limit to how many guests can have the same conversation open at the same time. This limit can be substantially higher than the participant limit, and it varies by plan (see pricing).

Using Guest Access

See the examples on the page about Guest Access