If you created roles, you can customize content of the email and SMS notifications that TalkJS sends to users when they receive a message and aren't online. The fields in the dashboard support a limited macro syntax, e.g. Hello {{recipient.name}}!. You can also pass your metadata for users or conversations to benefit from the macro syntax (e.g. {{sender.custom.specialToken}}). The custom field has to be an object with strings as values. For example, you can specify special token for Alice:

var me = new Talk.User({
    id: "123456",
    name: "Alice",
    custom: {
        specialToken: "jd71ba91n"

You can use the specialToken defined by you in the dashboard to customize the email template.

In the exact same way you can customize a Conversation:

var conversation = talkSession.getOrCreateConversation("order_83562938")
    subject: "Hair Wax 5 Gallons",
    custom: {
        sellerId: "seller_mq082jqid92"

All set! TalkJS ought to be production-ready for you now. Optionally, however, you maybe first want to customize the design.