Does TalkJS work with/support….?

Frontend JavaScript – Yes React – Yes, see our examples or our tutorial  VueJS – Yes Angular – Yes (all versions), see our examples or tutorial We provide a JavaScript SDK that can easily be integrated in to just about any JavaScript framework Backend TalkJS provides a REST API which which can be used by any […]

Is there a way for a user to block another user?

At the moment we don’t offer a button to do that inline in TalkJS by default, so you will have to design a button yourself and then use our REST API to ‘kick that user out of the group chat’/blocking them. Click on the link below for more information on this topic: talkjs.com/docs/Group_chats/Joining_and_Leaving.html

Can I turn a normal chat into a group chat?

Yes. TalkJS only has a single concept for 1-on-1 chats and group chats: Conversations. Even to a one-on-one conversation you can add users later, and it automatically becomes a group chat.

How do I create a session in REST API for a group conversation?

You only create sessions in the Javascript SDK in the browser environment, there is no need to create a session in the REST API. If you really want to create a session in the REST API, you need to call: PUT api.talkjs.com/v1{appId}/conversations/{conversationId}   Click on the link below for more information. talkjs.com/docs/REST_API/Reference/Conversations.html

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