Can I use my TalkJS subscription / appID on multiple websites?

Technically it is possible, although we would recommend against it unless you intend for users to be able to communicate with each other across the websites. If you want to ensure that each website has its own isolated TalkJS chat environment we suggest you have one TalkJS account / subscription per website.

Is there an extra charge if SMS messages are sent?

If your volume of sending SMS notifications is low (under $10 a month), we don’t charge extra for it. Above that, we charge usage. We currently use Amazon Web Services’ SNS product for sending SMS notifications ( and don’t add anything on top of their pricing. Click on the link below for more information on SMS […]

Is the pricing per user/conversation?

No, the pricing is for unlimited users/conversations. Note that when you expect particularly high loads and need guaranteed support for those loads, we have an Enterprise plan to dedicate server space.

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