We shipped a Flutter SDK!

From now on, you can integrate TalkJS into your Flutter app without having to write a single line of JavaScript. Integrating TalkJS will now feel natural to Flutter developers.

Before, it used to take a lot of boilerplate code to get things done.

  • creating an HTML file for the webview
  • creating the JS code to mount a TalkJS chatbox or inbox
  • passing parameters from the app to the JS running in the webview
  • sometimes also adding handlers so that code in the webview can call back to the app

This has been condensed into a couple of Flutter widgets. Meaning that you only write in the Dart programming language, as in the rest of your Flutter app.

Integrating TalkJS now requires significantly less code. Saving developers time and making their code less error-prone. Also, by using the SDK, developers get the guarantee for backward compatibility. Meaning they can be assured that even as TalkJS evolves, their code won't stop running.

We can't wait to see what you're building!

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