Domain masking for TalkJS

Traditionally, TalkJS works by creating an iFrame element on customers website to our service located at . While this domain won’t be publicly visible to end users, it will appear in the network requests tab of browsers. Under some circumstances this may be undesirable such as if you want to mark using TalkJS, or […]

Can I resize TalkJS so that it fits the given area?

In order to change the height of the TalkJS UI you can set the dimensions of the container in your CSS. In order to modify the width you have to edit the following classes’ width in themes: inbox-feed-panel and inbox-chat-panel.

What files formats/types can be sent using TalkJS?

TalkJS Standard plan and up customers can allow files to be transferred between users. Currently TalkJS supports the sending of the following file types: mp4 | mpeg |qt | avi | mkv | mov | webm | aiff |aif | midi | mid | gif | jpeg | jpg | png | tif | tiff| […]

How can I modify what is shown in the title and subtitle?

Yes you can change what is shown in the title or subtitle of the chat window, furthermore you can opt to hide either one altogether.   You can do this when you specify the UI options for your Chat window, for example to have the title show the subject you can do the following: … […]

How can I show only conversations with unread messages or filter the inbox?

Using TalkJS you can filter the list of conversations in the Inbox UI based on multiple properties. For example you can filter the list of conversations to only show conversations that are unread, conversations that the user can write in or filter conversations by a custom parameter such as a category or topic. Read more […]

Is it possible to get the amount of unread messages/conversations?

You may want to notify the current user of incoming messages from within your UI, even when they’re not looking at the Chatbox. A common way to do this is with a little icon button in your header with a red badge on top that shows the number of unread conversations. We call this the […]

Can we let visitors start a chat without registering for an account?

TalkJS needs a user ID to be able to know who a person is. You can get around this for visitors by creating anonymous user accounts and using that user id to identify the user with TalkJS. Using our HTML panel feature you could ask the user for information during the chat. We have made […]

Can we let our end users create (group) chats themselves?

This is something you’ll need to build and then use our chat engine. You can programmatically create chat rooms (using the JS SDK or using the REST API – So you can make a button to create a group chat with particular people, call our API accordingly, and then drop the current user into […]

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