Can I request a custom / additional feature be added to TalkJS?

We consider each custom feature request on a case by case basis depending on the customer, how urgent the issue is and how many of our users would benefit from the proposed feature. Contact us if you’d like to discuss the possibility of a custom feature request.

TalkJS for volunteer-run organizations and hobby projects

We love open source and community projects, so we have decided to make TalkJS entirely free for voluteer-run organizations and hobby projects. When you go live, there’s a button you can click to let us know you’re using TalkJS non-commercially, and you’ll be able to go live without paying. Note: The non-commercial TalkJS license includes no support. […]

Can I translate TalkJS to a different language?

Yes! We have localization support to show TalkJS in your user’s own language. This localizes all UI texts like “Send”, “Show more messages”, and so on. Please get in touch to see whether your preferred language is already supported. If not, we can add it quickly.

Is there a built in way to collect a visitor’s name and email?

Yes, please click on the link below to learn how this is done. Side note We’ve noticed that there’s a practical limitation currently that reduces the effectiveness of HTML panels: If you use the Popup and have it in keepOpen mode (so the popup follows the user across sites), then the HTML Panel settings […]

Can I change the styling of the chat UIs?

Yes, you can! We’ve built Themes for this purpose. A theme is a CSS file with a limited set of properties, which allows you to tune the look and feel of the UI. Think fonts, borders, colors, and so on. The core chat UI layout still stays the same, but you can make it fit […]

Can I use TalkJS in a mobile app?

Yes! TalkJS was designed mobile-first and works great on both mobile browsers and inside mobile apps. Inside a mobile app, it works inside a WebView component, which is available on all common mobile platforms. Mobile native SDKs are on our roadmap to make things even easier. We’d be happy to help out if needed!

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