You control how TalkJS displays link previews for URLs shared in the chat. For example, you can choose to remove previews for links that contain certain blocked words. And you can now also set whether you prefer your link previews to show up large or compact.

By default, TalkJS generates a full, large preview for any link that a user shares. However, you can also set your link previews to be more compact.

A large link preview and a compact link preview are show side-by-side. Both link previews have the same width, but the height of the large link preview is about double that of the compact link preview. As a result, the large link preview shows more of the associated website image, and contains more text than the compact link preview.
A large link preview (on the left) and a compact link preview (on the right)

If you’d like your link previews to be more compact, then you can do so by setting the compact parameter of the LinkPreview or LinkPreviews components to true, as follows:

<LinkPreviews links="{{ body.links }}" t:if="{{ isSystemMessage | is_falsy }}" compact="{{ true }}" />

Read more on link previews.

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