Are you using React for your project? Then life has just become a lot easier, with an official React SDK for TalkJS. With React components for TalkJS, you can have all the goodness of the TalkJS pre-built chat UIs inside your React web application in no time.

The @talkjs/react library is a thin wrapper around talkjs, the framework-independent TalkJS JavaScript SDK.

The @talkjs/react library has been designed to be maximally forward-compatible with future TalkJS features. This way, whenever TalkJS adds support for a new option, event, or method, you can automatically use this right away — no need to wait or update anything.

This React SDK provides React components for UI-related matters. For anything related to data manipulation, such as synchronizing user data, or creating and joining conversations, use the framework-independent TalkJS JavaScript SDK.

TypeScript bindings are included.

Install the @talkjs/react npm package and get started.

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