To get started with integrating Amazon SNS for TalkJS, you should first create an account and set up access to Amazon SNS. After that, you add the Amazon SNS Access key and Secret key in the TalkJS Dashboard.

Here are some pointers for troubleshooting potential issues:

  • Make sure that you add your SNS credentials to your test app too.
  • AWS provides an SMS Sandbox through which you can test if everything is set up correctly. i.e., AWS permissions work fine, and there are no unnecessary limits tied to SNS. I'd advise you to use this Sandbox to test out and ensure everything is alright on AWS's end.
  • When everything is ready, you'll have to request from AWS to have your SNS account moved from Sandbox to production, as stated here.
  • When you've switched to your AWS SNS credentials, Amazon CloudWatch will log the failure or success of the message deliveries. From our end, once a publish request is made, we get an HTTP 200 when AWS add the message to their queue and hence cannot determine if a message was delivered successfully or not. You can read more here.
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