If you use our WordPress plugin, you'll need to add some "Roles" to the TalkJS Dashboard before notifications work.The Wordpress concept of "Roles" roughly corresponds to the TalkJS concept of "Roles". So for every user role in your Wordpress, you need to make a "Role" inside the TalkJS dashboard. To do so, go to the TalkJS dashboard and then click on 'Roles' in the top left. Start by creating one or more roles; the roles have to be named exactly the same as the role, but in lowercase. So if you have a role "Seller", then you need to make a role named "seller" in TalkJS. Once you do that, email notifications ought to work. Now let's test it out:

  1. Find a test user who has the role "Seller" (if that's the role you made a role for)
  2. Ensure that this user has an email address that you can read
  3. Ensure that the user is not online (i.e. no browser tab open with that user logged in)
  4. From another account, send a message to this user
  5. Verify that an email arrived.

The "seller" role in the TalkJS dashboard, that you just created, lets you modify all kinds of settings for users with that role. Eg you can customize what emails they get, what their chat UIs look like, whether file transfers are allowed, and so on.

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