Over the past few months, we've been working on our infrastructure to better support group chats with thousands of users. This is a huge fundamental upgrade we're super proud of as it makes TalkJS useful for many more messaging use cases. Learn about what's new and take a look at some of the examples.

What's new?

  • Release overview
  • Chat API update
  • Participant limits
  • Limits on some features
  • New use cases
  • Live streaming chat
  • Large channels for team collaboration
  • Virtual conferences and events
  • And many more

TL;DR - From now on, TalkJS can support thousands of users in one group chat. Making use cases like these a reality: live streaming, large virtual events, channels for team communication, and many more. Basically, if you have hundreds or thousands of users that need to chat with each other, we can handle it.

Chat API update

A great thing about this update is that there are no dramatic changes in the chat API, it actually got more simplified in a sense. You can think about it like not a lot changed from a technical perspective, but the number of supported participants in group chats has increased immensely. However, if you want to dive in and see what we came up with take a look at the documentation.

Participant limits

From a technical perspective TalkJS can support thousands of users in one group chat. From a pricing standpoint these are the limits to group chat participant; the Basic plan is capped at 30 per group chat, and the Growth plan at 300 participants. If you need a larger cap for chat participants, contact our solution engineers so they can create a custom deal for you.

Limits on some features

The large group chats don't support the typing indicator feature as it doesn't make a lot of sense when hundreds of participants are typing. The other one is the notification system, you can't use any type SMS, push, email or browser notification in group chat. Please do let us know if you have a use case that does require this.

New use cases

Live streaming chat for virtual events

With TalkJS you can bring an unforgettable live stream experience to your audience. By using large group chats and our pre-built UI you can ship a messaging feature for a range of use cases in a couple of hours.

You can connect thousands of gamers just like on Twitch, and create a place where they can come every day to chat, interact, and have fun. Or build a live comments section similar to one on Youtube and make every live event more engaging. Why not create a stadium-like experience on your eSports platform making it possible for fans to cheer, celebrate and interact in a virtual match?

Large channels for team collaboration

If you're building a team collaboration tool, large channels for group discussions are a must have. They allow you to bring entire departments and companies together by providing a collaboration experience similar to Slack.

TalkJS chat UI is easily embeddable so you can add it to a collaboration tool or platform in a couple of hours because the UI is prebuilt and highly customisable.

Virtual conferences

TalkJS makes it possible to connect a large groups of exhibitors and participants on virtual conferences or participants of any virtual event. Allow you to emulate the experience of real-life conference booths with large chatrooms, where attendees can have meaningful conversations with exhibitors.

And many more

With TalkJS you can build a large group chat into any platform for almost any use case. Because our chat UI is fully featured, and most of your TalkJS code will live in the frontend, which means that it will work seamlessly with any framework or programming language.

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