Simple, transparent pricing

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$279 / month
Monthly Active Users (MAU)
Includes 10,000 MAU
Each additional MAU $0.04
Unlimited conversations and messages
Group chatsGroup chats allow you to have hundreds or even thousands of users in a single chat. (docs)
Via chat during office hours
Customizable UI
Chatbot interface
Email, SMS, and push notificationsSMS messages are charged separately.
Reply-via-email directly (sync to chat)
Analytics and conversation monitoring
File transfers & location sharing
Voice messaging
Mask contact informationStop your users from sharing contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers.
Message retention
WebhooksWebhooks can be used for advanced integrations to expand on the base functionality provided by TalkJS, for example they can be used to create chatbots.
Custom (HTML & CSS) notification emails
Custom email sender domain
Real-time message translationReal-time message translation is charged separately.
Search messages & conversations
In-conversation message search
Domain maskingRoute all TalkJS traffic through a subdomain under your control.
Uptime & support guarantees (SLA)
Guaranteed performance under high loads
Guaranteed at-rest encryption
Priority access to our roadmap
Designated Solutions EngineerFor assistance with on-boarding, optimization, and technical support, our Enterprise customers get access to a named Solutions Engineer.
On-premise / Private cloud
Private dedicated servers

What's the best plan for me?

Monthly Active Users

Number of group chat participants

Additional features

Recommended plan

Basic-$279 / month

included MAU:
0 additional at $0.04 per user:
Up to users per chat room:
additional at $0.4 per user

Total = $279 / month


What is a Monthly Active User (MAU)?

A Monthly Active User (MAU) is a user with a unique user ID who has one or more sessions. A user has a session whenever they connect to the TalkJS servers, for example using any of the TalkJS SDKs or the REST API. With an active session, a user can receive new messages, unread message updates, and notifications. You can find your MAU count on the Activity page of your TalkJS dashboard, under 'Active users'.

MAU count isn't affected by how often a user connects. Whether a user with a unique user ID connects only once or a million times, they still count as one active user for that given month.

Note that creating a session doesn’t yet add a user’s details to the TalkJS database. A user’s details are only added to the TalkJS database once a user with a session actually opens their chat. As a result, the 'Active users' count can be larger than the number of users whose details you have in active conversations.

Do you offer a free sandbox or development account?

Yes, all plans include a forever free development mode. You get credentials for using TalkJS in production by "going live" — this is the process of entering credit card information and going through checkout. Once you do that, you have two fully separate apps in the TalkJS dashboard, with two fully separate groups of users, conversations, and settings. You can then use the test app for development and testing, and the live app for your users.

How many concurrently connected users can I have?

While we don't have a hard limit on concurrent users, we typically consider fair usage for max concurrent connected users to be around 10% of MAU. While we won't immediately ask you to upgrade if you go over the limit sporadically, we will ask you to upgrade if it's a regular occurrence.

Can I use my TalkJS subscription/AppID on multiple websites?

A single TalkJS subscription can be used on one website or app. If you'd like to use TalkJS on multiple websites or apps then you'll need multiple subscriptions.

How many users can I have in a group chat?

The number of users that you can have in a single group chat depends on your plan:

  • Basic: Up to 100 participants, and up to 300 guests
  • Growth: Up to 300 participants, and up to 1250 guests
  • Enterprise: Customizable to fit your needs

Any additional group chat users that exceed your plan are charged at a cost shown in the pricing calculator. For more information about group chat sizes, see: Group chats.

Are you a volunteer-run organization?

We love community projects, so we have made TalkJS entirely free for volunteer-run organizations and hobby projects. To apply, simply create a free TalkJS account.
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We needed chat and didn't want to build it ourselves because it needs to be really great. The TalkJS team is laser-focused on chat, and we're focused on building a great auction marketplace.
Dennis Pereira
Head of Product, Catawiki