Do you need to get all messages that were sent before today? Every message sent since 7:00 AM? Or all new conversations during the month of April?

You can now filter both conversations and messages by their creation time.

Using the createdAt property, you can select exactly those messages or conversations that were created before a certain time, after a certain time, or within a particular time interval.

createdAt must be a two-element array with an [operator, operand]-structure. Valid operators are: ">", "<", ">=", "<=", "between", and "!between". The operand must be either a number or, when using either of the "between" and "!between" operators, a two-element array of numbers.

For example, to show only the conversations that have been created after the UNIX timestamp 1679298371586, you can use:

{ createdAt: [">", 1679298371586] }

Read more on filtering messages and conversations by their creation time.

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