Xolo is a company that helps freelancers with their business, by making things such as billing and taxes easier. They wanted their users to be able to talk to each other directly on the website to work better together. Jun Minon, a Product Engineer at Xolo, was in charge of finding the best chat solution for this.

Probably the winning factor of TalkJS compared to the competition is how quick it is to setup. I also love the documentation: easy on the eyes, with a lot of code snippets to guide you.
- Jun Minon, Product Engineer at Xolo

About Xolo

Xolo aims to help freelancers and entrepreneurs by streamlining the administrative tasks of running a business, such as invoicing and tax management. Serving users in over 60 countries, Xolo is dedicated to improving the freelancing experience, making it as smooth and efficient as possible.

Xolo dashboard

The challenge

Xolo faced two main challenges. One challenge was that they needed a chat solution that would fit with their current tech, which uses server-side rendering thru Spring MVC. This meant many available chat solutions weren't suitable. Another challenge was that Xolo wanted its chat to improve user experience by allowing real-time talk among users, without making the platform harder to use or complicating the user interface.

We needed support for vanilla Javascript since our application is using server-side rendering thru Spring MVC.
- Jun Minon, Product Engineer at Xolo
Chat inbox embedded into the dashboard

The solution

Jun chose TalkJS after looking at several options. TalkJS’s support for vanilla JavaScript and a flexible UI toolkit made it the perfect fit. Jun quickly integrated TalkJS into Xolo, setting up a fully functional chat within just a few days. This quick addition was a big win for Xolo, letting them roll out the new chat feature promptly.

The management was really happy when I was able to demo a working end-to-end chat conversation in our platform in just a 2-3 day timeframe. The POC took less than an hour.
- Jun Minon, Product Engineer at Xolo
Pop-up chat on a user profile page

The TalkJS chat transformed user interaction on Xolo. It allowed for instant messaging, which made collaboration easier. The TalkJS’s customizable UI meant the chat looked like it was always part of Xolo, keeping the platform user-friendly. And today, the solution Xolo built is getting all the technical support they need for their growing chat user base.

One time I requested a user batch update as we need to migrate a lot of users without email info since we are about to enable email notifications and boom! - the API was there and the support team also informed me about it. Support team is awesome and really helpful, 10/10 stars!
- Jun Minon, Product Engineer at Xolo
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