A rather important feature any platform, marketplace, and app should have is the capability to suppress contact info and other details from being exchanged between its members. This is crucial for the security of your platform members and the control of your business.

With TalkJS’s masking feature, you avoid losing business that otherwise could be done outside your platform. All of this without having to spend hours checking chat logs and files. Just set and forget!

On your TalkJS dashboard navigate to Roles, pick the role you wish to suppress the contact info from being exchanged. Scroll down and you will find:

The system will now give you a wide range with further settings (see below) that can be picked. Just go through them and set up in accordance with your needs and requirements:

How does it work? 

There are two modes:

  1. whenever someone types contact information, it gets suppressed and replaced by the following:
  1. Same as 1, but it’s only suppressed in the recipient's chat window. This is e.g how, for instance, the chat system by AirBnB works. It means that if you type e.g. a phone number, you won't know that the system suppressed it.
    That makes it harder for the platform users to try and “trick” the system. At the same time, some of our customers consider it a little too user-hostile and prefer option 2.
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