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Seamlessly integrate two-way chat with talk.js, our real-time messaging infrastructure and our great UI.

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Everything you want in a messaging app. Reliable and scalable. Real-time, cross-platform synchronization.

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Turn any <div> into a full-fledged messaging app. Up and running in 10 minutes.

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A simple but powerful JavaScript SDK

Turn any <div> into a real-time inbox. Synchronize user data on the fly.

  • Absolutely peanuts

    No matter what framework you use, talk.js lets you add end-user chat with just a few lines of code. No backend code needed!

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  • Stay in control

    Our modular API makes it easy to customize behavior, to send system messages, or to get notified on user actions.

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talk.js Code Snippet

// Synchronize user data and set up
var currentUser = new Talk.User({
    id: 79302,                      // user id
    name: "George Looney",          // full name
    email: "[email protected]"      // for offline email fallback
var session = new Talk.Session({
    appId: "9352938974",            // your TalkJS account id
    me: currentUser                 // make George the active user

// All set! Let's turn a div into George Looney's messaging center
var inbox = session.createInbox();


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What our customers say

"TalkJS has been working very well for us and the designers on Crowdyhouse love it. It is saving our support team a lot of time that customers can speak directly with the designers."

Mark Studholme
CEO at Crowdyhouse

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