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A complete suite of embeddable UIs and flexible APIs that work seamlessly in any chat or messaging use case.
Hey! Is this backpack still available?2m
urbanbackpack.jpg (90 KB)2m
Hi! Yeah, it's still available, you can get it for $125. Would that work for you?
That's a bit priceyJust now
What about $100?Just now
Just now
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We make it effortless to build:
1-on-1 chat
Group chat
AI chatbots
In-app comments
Livestream chat
Pretty much any chat use case

TalkJS is a developer friendly chat API with a pre-built UI that is highly customisable. You can build a chat feature in minutes instead of months.

AI integration
Voice message from Filip
Sara Vergara
Let's set up a subscription then...
AI integration
Andrea, Robert, Nikki, Filip
10m ago
Hey team, how do you think we can integrate AI into our project?
8m ago
Maybe we can use AI for data analysis. It can help us find trends faster.
7m ago
Good idea @Robert. What about automating customer support? AI chatbots could handle common queries.
2m ago
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No matter which chat use case
We've got you covered
With TalkJS, you can create chat features that boost user engagement, retention, and conversion rate.
Let buyers and sellers discuss products on your platform, and drive more engagement and more transactions.Buyer-seller chat
Chatbox illustration
Chatbox illustration
Chatbox illustration
Chatbox illustration
We needed chat and didn't want to build it ourselves because it needs to be really great. The TalkJS team is laser-focused on chat, and we're focused on building a great auction marketplace.
Dennis Pereira
Head of Product, Catawiki
Works great for web and native mobile

Have a chat MVP up and running in 10 minutes. Turn any <div> into a real-time inbox. Move faster with ready-made components for React Native and widgets for Flutter.

React SDK with pre-built components

Effortlessly integrate chat into your React app with the TalkJS React SDK. Use pre-built components to speed up development.

1<Session appId="t824ba8" userId="pete">
2 <Chatbox conversationId="workshop"/>
Client SDKs for native mobile

Make use of our Flutter and React Native SDKs. The fastest way to ship a fully-fledged messaging app on mobile.

Vanilla JS that works with any framework

Most of your TalkJS code will live in the frontend, which means that it will work seamlessly with any framework or programming language.

Available Chat SDKs

Integrate real-time chat into your web app in a couple of minutes with a few lines of code.

Quickly build a messaging experience across apps on web and mobile platforms.

Makes it easy to create an in-app chat similar to WhatsApp or Telegram.

Because implementing TalkJS was as fast and easy as it was, we were able to greenlight and move this project along very quickly. Had we not chosen this path, the feature would have either been delayed, or shelved due to the resources needed to implement it.
Luis Hansen
Engineering Manager, StyleSeat
Not just a chat API
Pre-built UI & notifications included
Forget about UI kits and third-party notifications. Move fast with our pre-built UI and ready-to-use messaging features.
Save months of work by using our forward-compatible UI that will keep working on future devices, new features, and future browsers.Explore feature
Pre-built UI illustration
Themes illustration
Push notifications illustration
Moderation and analytics illustration
What our customers say
TalkJS has been an integral part of our user experience since the beginning. Today, Audry manages thousands of conversations and file-shares directly within the platform.
Eugenio Warglien
Co-founder, Audry
The power of TalkJS is that it's highly customisable and user-friendly. We can offer our customers a plug and play solution and give them the possibility to adjust the chat widget to their needs.
Paul Van Den Broek
Product Manager, Coosto
What I can say is that we have ~1000 conversations happening through chat that would have otherwise happened off-platform or not at all.
Matias Anaya
Software Engineer, Kaddy
We're so pleased to finally have a chat solution on our marketplace and it was incredibly quick and easy to setup. And it looks and functions fantastic.
Shayne Kasai
Engineer, Retreat Guru
Now we can see how many clients and freelancers are interacting with one another. We can look at our dashboard and get broad overviews of what is happening within the application.
Matt Harrison
VP of Strategy, FreeUp
The load on our customer service reduced drastically and our conversion rate increased by allowing our users to communicate with each other.
Sarah Bleiker
Product Manager, The Next Closet