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Seamlessly integrate two-way chat with talk.js, our real-time messaging infrastructure and our great UI.

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Everything you want in a messaging app. Reliable and scalable. Real-time, cross-platform synchronization.

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Turn any <div> into a full-fledged messaging app. Up and running in 10 minutes.

How it works

Get to a fully featured integrated messaging experience in three simple steps.

1. Create a Messaging Inbox

First, set up a dedicated page for your user's message inbox, like or This is the place where your users can always find their messages, and keep the conversation going.

Just make a big empty rectangle and let TalkJS do the rest.

2. Initiate a pop-up or
embed a chat box

Next, there needs to be a trigger where people can initiate a chat with someone. Usually this is a product or profile page on your platform. You can either create a button inline, or a floating launch button to open a pop-up. Alternatively, you can embed a chatbox inside your page layout or sidebar.

3. Tweak the details

In the TalkJS dashboard you can make sure the chat looks and feels just like your own platform. You also can activate and customize notifications via desktop, email, and SMS. Or turn on file transfers, location sharing, and so on.

Live demo

Check out our live demo and play around. But be warned: there might be other people too πŸ™„

A simple but powerful JavaScript SDK

Turn any <div> into a real-time inbox. Synchronize user data on the fly.

  • Absolutely peanuts

    No matter what framework you use, talk.js lets you add end-user chat with just a few lines of code. No backend code needed!

    Read the integration guide

  • Stay in control

    Our modular API makes it easy to customize behavior, to send system messages, or to get notified on user actions.

    Explore the REST API

talk.js Code Snippet

// Synchronize user data and set up
var currentUser = new Talk.User({
    id: 79302,                      // user id
    name: "George Looney",          // full name
    email: "[email protected]"      // for offline email fallback
var session = new Talk.Session({
    appId: "9352938974",            // your TalkJS account id
    me: currentUser                 // make George the active user

// All set! Let's turn a div into George Looney's messaging center
var inbox = session.createInbox();

TalkJS has been working very well for us and the designers on Crowdyhouse love it. It is saving our support team a lot of time that customers can speak directly with the designers.

Mark Studholme, CEO at Crowdyhouse

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  • Unlimited users, unlimited messages
  • Support via chat during office hours
  • Email fallback when offline
  • Last 14 days of user activity in the dashboard
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  • Unlimited users, unlimited messages
  • Support via chat during office hours
  • Email, SMS, and push notifications
  • Dashboard with full conversation history
  • Customize UI with CSS themes
  • File transfers & location sharing
Try for free

14-day free trial when you go live.
Development is free forever.


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