TalkJS loves community projects. Are you a volunteer-run organization or  hobby project? Then you can apply to use TalkJS entirely for free.

To apply to use TalkJS for free:

  1. Create a TalkJS account.
  2. Chat with us, or send an email to, and describe:
    • your project
    • your organization
    • why you’d like to use the free TalkJS license
  3. Start building.

You can start building immediately, even while your application is in process.

Every TalkJS account comes with two TalkJS apps: one for development and testing, and one for production. The development app has access to all basic features and is free forever, so you can take the time you need to tune TalkJS to your needs and wishes while your application is processed. If your application is approved, you can also use the production app for free.

You can use TalkJS for free for as long as you remain a non-profit volunteer or hobby organization. In case you do become a for-profit organization—for example, if a student project becomes a startup, or a volunteer project starts paying salaries—then we ask you to subscribe to the TalkJS plan that suits you best.

Note that the free TalkJS license includes no support. If you need the certainty of access to our customer support, become a paying customer.

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