Can I track the read status of messages via the API?

Yes! GET /v1/{appId}/conversations/{conversationId}/messages gives you a list of all the messages from a conversation. Which also has a field readBy, which is an array containing the user ID of every person that read the message. If the array does not contain the user you want to fetch the read status of, then they did not […]

Can I change the color of the popup widget close button?

Yes. We recommend that you disable the popup launcher entirely and create your own, however you want it. Set the launcher property to “never” when calling createPopup. Then, call when the user clicks your custom launcher.

Do you have example code?

We published a number of simple examples on how to integrate TalkJS on GitHub:

Does TalkJS work with/support….?

Java – Yes VueJS – Yes WooCommerce product vendors – Yes React Native – To some extend it does. Unfortunately we don’t have a React Native based UI yet, but TalkJS has been designed to work great inside a Webview as well. It is also easy to manage a Webview from inside a React Native app. (Right now […]

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