While a lot of our customers love using TalkJS for the pre-built chat user-interfaces that we provide, we understand that many people want more control over the look and feel of their chat solution. We are continuously looking for new and improved ways to allow you to customize TalkJS while still providing you with significant time and cost savings compared to developing your own chat solution in-house (and all the complexities that comes with it!).

We recently released the Premium plan which expands on the features currently offered as part of the Standard plan. With the new premium plan you can now create your own custom HTML and CSS email notification templates, and for the ability to send them from your own domain name instead.

An example custom HTML and CSS styled email notification

With the release of the Premium plan we also released the ability to pay annually instead of monthly, allowing you to save up to 15%! New customers can subscribe to an annual plan right away, whereas existing customers can contact us to swap to an annual plan.

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