To help developers manage multiple TalkJS accounts as well as user permissions for team members, we have built Team Access and Multi-tenant Support.

This features make it easy for SaaS providers like Coosto to manage large numbers of clients that each use a unique TalkJS account. Also, it works great for software development agencies that have multiple subscriptions.

Team access

In case more people are working on the same TalkJS project, Team Access allows you to share various levels of member permissions. For example, you may need different levels of access for developers working on the integration, and designers that only need access to TalkJS UI Themes.

Options for member permissions:

  • Admin: Full access. Create, edit & delete members, view & edit billing information, edit app settings, edit roles, edit themes, view activity, view live log
  • Developer: Edit app settings, edit roles, edit themes, view activity, view live log
  • Designer: Edit app settings, edit roles, edit themes
  • Moderator: View activity, view live log
  • Finance: View & edit billing information

Multi-tenant support

Allows you to create projects for different websites or applications in the dashboard. You can think of projects as completely new TalkJS accounts that you can manage from a singular dashboard.

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