TalkJS lets you change the look and feel of the user interface to match your site or app's style. Custom themes give you full control over the HTML and CSS of chat messages.

Examples of some Version 2 Themes

Select a theme

You can select a theme from the Chat UI page in your TalkJS dashboard.

Screenshot of the chat UI theme selector

If you would like to edit an existing theme, or create a new theme from scratch, you can easily do so using the theme editor. You find the theme editor in the Themes page of your TalkJS dashboard.

You can give different user groups, for example buyers and sellers, a different chat UI. To do so, create a separate role for each user group, and select a different chat UI theme for each role.

You can also pass the name of a theme in the theme option when creating a chat widget in our JavaScript, React, React Native or Flutter SDKs.


Learn how to use the theme editor to achieve the look of various chat or messaging apps, from one of the following tutorials: