You can now choose from three new preset themes for your pre-built chat UI, to make sure its look and feel match your site or app's style. In addition to default and group_chat, you can now also opt for the following preset themes:

  • default_dark
  • team_chat
  • livestream

Let's take a closer look at each of these new themes.

Default dark theme

For those who prefer dark mode, there's now the default_dark preset theme. As the dark counterpart to the default theme, it swaps the white and light gray backgrounds for backgrounds with black and dark grays.

The default_dark preset theme

You can see the default_dark theme in action in the Marketplace demo.

Team chat theme

To keep a busy team on track, you sometimes need a bit more organization in your chat. With the new team_chat preset theme you can do just that.

Demo of team_chat theme
The team_chat preset theme

Would you like to try out the team chat theme? Check out the Team chat demo.

Livestream theme

Livestreams are more engaging when attendees can interact with them directly. The livestream preset theme makes integrating chat into your livestream a breeze.

A full-width livestream of an outdoor sports demo. One person exercises, and another person guides their movements.
A chat window showing messages from multiple different users, each username in a different color. At the bottom is a field for the user to type and send their message.
The livestream preset theme

To view the livestream preset theme in action, go to the Livestream demo.

Activating a new present theme

If you recently started using TalkJS, then you already automatically have all the new preset themes available to you. As an existing user, you can activate one of the three new preset themes by creating a new theme in the TalkJS dashboard, and selecting your preferred new preset theme as a base.

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