When you've been away from a chat, it can be helpful to know not only whether you have any unread messages, but also how many. That's where the unread message counter comes in.

You can now enable unread message counts in your theme. When enabled, the unread message counter shows users the number of unread messages for a particular conversation. The counter shows up next to each conversation's subject in the message inbox, as shown in the following image:

Overview of a chat Inbox user interface. On the left there is a panel with a toggle with 'Desktop notifications', followed by a list of conversations. One of the conversations has a circle with the number 2 inside, which is the counter indicating two unread messages. On the right there is a panel with the chat interface itself, showing several messages from a single user.

For more information on the unread message counter, and how to enable it in existing themes, see: Adding new features to existing themes.

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