When you signup for TalkJS, you get access to the Test Mode you can use indefinitely. To use TalkJS in your production environment, you need to subscribe to one of our plans and switch to a Live App. This tutorial covers the steps required to go live with your TalkJS integration.

Replace the App ID and Secret key in your code

In your dashboard, make sure that you’re in Live Mode. In case you’re not, just the mode toggle in the top right corner of the dashboard.

You might have to dive deeply into your code, depending on how your implementation of TalkJS looks. Anywhere in your application where you are using TalkJS, your App ID should be present. (In case you need a refresher of how this might look, or you’re just getting started using TalkJS, please head on over to Getting Started).

Please change this appId to match your Live App ID. If you use the REST API, you will also make sure to change out the Secret Key.

Import roles from the Test App

For the next step, you will have to navigate to “Roles,” which can be found in your dashboard. On this page, make sure you’re in Live Mode and click the button that says “Import from test app.”

Export themes from the Test app

Finally, to ensure that your chat will look as you’ve intended it to, you will have to import the themes you’ve created. To do this, you must navigate to the “Theme Editor” from your dashboard and click the mode toggle to switch to Test mode.

Now you will need to select each theme that you’re using in the Test App and click “Publish to Live App.”

You are done! You’re ready to start using your Live app!

Quick tip - If your application or website has multiple environments - for instance, a test environment and a production environment - it might be a good idea to store these two separate TalkJS credentials as environment variables in your code. This way, you could try out new themes, roles, or any other customisation on your test environment before going live to production with any changes.

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