A message is a piece of text, an image or a location that a user can send to a conversation.

Message data

idstringRead-only. A unique ID for the message, generated by TalkJS.
Example: "msg_6TKoWs0Jm8XrjPOmFdOGiX"
conversationIdstringID of the Conversation this message was sent to.
type"UserMessage"Always set to "UserMessage" for regular messages. Read about system messages for the alternative.
senderIdstringThe user ID of the sender.
readByarray of stringRead-only. List of the user IDs who have already read and received this message. Does not include the sender.
Example: ["123465", "654321"]
textstringThe text of the message. Only given if this message is a text message.
attachment{ url: string, size: number }Read-only. Only given if this message is a file transfer. An object with the location and filesize (in bytes) of the given file. Read how to send a file using the REST API
locationarray of numberAn array of two numbers which represent the longitude and latitude of this location, respectively. Only given if this message is a shared location.
Example: [51.481083, -3.178306]
origin"web" ǀ "rest" ǀ "email" ǀ "import"Determines how this message was sent: respectively, Via a web browser (or mobile Webview), via the REST API, via reply-to-email, or using the import API.
createdAtnumberTimestamp when this message was sent, expressed as the amount of milliseconds since the UNIX epoch (1970-1-1, 00:00:00 UTC).
Example: 1525249255419

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