System Messages

A system message is a neutrally rendered message, shown to all users in a conversation. System messages support wiki-style formatting.

System message data

idstringRead-only. A unique ID for the message, generated by TalkJS.
Example: "msg_6TKoWs0Jm8XrjPOmFdOGiX"
conversationIdstringID of the Conversation this message was sent to.
type"SystemMessage"Always set to "SystemMessage". Read about user messages for the alternative.
textstringThe text of the message. Only given if this message is a text message.
origin"rest" ǀ "import"Determines how this message was sent: respectively, via the REST API or using the import API.
createdAtnumberTimestamp when this message was sent, expressed as the amount of milliseconds since the UNIX epoch (1970-1-1, 00:00:00 UTC).
Example: 1525249255419

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