How can I handle authentication for each user?

Since you embed TalkJS inside your site or app, all users who are logged into your app will automatically need to be “logged in” to TalkJS. Start out by following our getting started tutorial, then be sure to enable Identity Verification so that users stop having access to TalkJS when they log out of your […]

Does TalkJS work with/support….?

Frontend JavaScript – Yes React – Yes, see our examples or our tutorial  VueJS – Yes Angular – Yes (all versions), see our examples or tutorial We provide a JavaScript SDK that can easily be integrated in to just about any JavaScript framework Backend TalkJS provides a REST API which which can be used by any […]

Is there a way for a user to block another user?

At the moment we don’t offer a button to do that inline in TalkJS by default, so you will have to design a button yourself and then use our REST API to ‘kick that user out of the group chat’/blocking them. Click on the link below for more information on this topic: talkjs.com/docs/Group_chats/Joining_and_Leaving.html

Can I turn a normal chat into a group chat?

Yes. TalkJS only has a single concept for 1-on-1 chats and group chats: Conversations. Even to a one-on-one conversation you can add users later, and it automatically becomes a group chat.

How do I create a session in REST API for a group conversation?

You only create sessions in the Javascript SDK in the browser environment, there is no need to create a session in the REST API. If you really want to create a session in the REST API, you need to call: PUT api.talkjs.com/v1{appId}/conversations/{conversationId}   Click on the link below for more information. talkjs.com/docs/REST_API/Reference/Conversations.html

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