TalkJS provides a REST API which which can be used by any language capable of making standard HTTP requests.


  • iOS - Yes
  • Android - Yes
  • React Native - Yes, see our examples or our tutorial
  • Ionic - Yes
  • Cordova - Yes
  • Xamarin - Yes
    While we currently do not provide native mobile SDKs, TalkJS works great in mobile applications, currently integration requires TalkJS to be loaded in to a webview. Native iOS and Android SDKs are a high priority on our roadmap.


  • Standard Wordpress - Yes
  • Dokan - Yes
  • WC Lovers WCFM - Yes
  • Woocommerce - Yes
    TalkJS provides a Wordpress plugin to easily integrate TalkJS in to any Wordpress website. Additionally, several multi-vendor marketplace plugins such as Dokan and WCFM provide a way to easily integrate TalkJS directly from their marketplace plugin.


TalkJS can be integrated in to desktop applications by using a webview and our JavaScript SDK.


HIPAA compliantNot currently (although it is on our roadmap), we do however offer an on-premise or private cloud solution in our Enterprise plan.

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