Yes, our Enterprise plan includes an on-premise chat or private cloud installation option. This lets you install TalkJS on servers that you control. Our team will manage this process together with yours to ensure that everything goes right.

TalkJS is deployed as Docker images, which means that it runs on any modern Linux machine. Additionally, data is persisted using PostgreSQL, so we need on-premise customers to maintain and backup a PostgreSQL database separately from the TalkJS server. The TalkJS on-premise deployment is identical to what we host on our own servers, except that usually in single-customer on-premise situations a single application server (plus failover) is sufficient, and not a cluster, because a single TalkJS application server can handle a high number of concurrent users, conversations and messages.

We don't have hard system requirements (e.g. "so and so much RAM, such and such Linux version"), instead preferring to work with the system administrators and go with what they prefer; Large companies often strongly prefer to keep the same Linux distribution and version across their systems, for instance. CPU speed and RAM requirements directly depend on the load customer is expecting to generate.

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