Christian Stegmüller, the founder of Maxxeed, has launched a unique digital sales room featuring an AI assistant, all made more dynamic with TalkJS chat on the side. Maxxeed’s mission is to revolutionize digital B2B customer interactions through their Showroom product.

"The key for us was finding a chat solution that was quick to set up and offered straightforward documentation. TalkJS stood out in this regard."
- Christian Stegmüller, Founder and CEO of Maxxeed

About Maxxeed

Maxxeed creates personalized digital sales experiences, aiming to amaze B2B customers with innovative yet intuitive interaction possibilities. They've integrated TalkJS to make communication as natural and efficient as in everyday life, directly within the Maxxeed Showrooms.

Digital Sales Room with TalkJS chat

The challenge

Maxxeed needed to boost its platform with user-to-user chat capabilities. Simple chat wasn't going to cut it; they wanted to enable B2B customers to interact in ways they were accustomed to in their private lives, including using deep links for contextual communication within the Showrooms.

"We were looking for more than just chat; we needed a comprehensive communication hub that could support deep links and offer our customers simple yet innovative interaction options."
- Christian Stegmüller, Founder and CEO of Maxxeed
Communication hub concept

The solution

Maxxeed needed a platform that supported modern UX and complied with GDPR—crucial for a German company. TalkJS’s integration capabilities, responsive support, and powerful customizing options far exceeded traditional chat functions.

"Integrating TalkJS provided the flexible and EU-compliant solution we needed. The process was smooth, and the support from their team was exceptional, always quick to assist with any technical needs."
- Christian Stegmüller, Founder and CEO of Maxxeed

The implementation of TalkJS allowed Maxxeed to offer an enriched communication experience, supporting everything from simple chats to complex inquiries with contextual links within the digital showrooms.

"Seeing our Digital Sales Room come to life with TalkJS's integrated chat was a milestone. It brought our vision for interactive B2B communication to reality."
- Christian Stegmüller, Founder and CEO of Maxxeed

The results

Maxxeed achieved a working prototype in just one day of hacking, followed by a bit over a week to fine-tuning. Learning to use TalkJS's technology was straightforward, thanks to comprehensive documentation.

"The documentation and support from TalkJS made it easy to integrate their chat into our platform, transforming our customer interaction capabilities."
- Christian Stegmüller, Founder and CEO of Maxxeed

With TalkJS, Maxxeed has set a new standard for digital sales interactions, providing B2B customers with a communication experience that mirrors the ease of personal chat apps, all within a professional digital setting.

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