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Interface ChatboxOptions




Optional chatSubtitleMode

chatSubtitleMode: "subject" | "participants" | null

Controls what text appears in the chat subtitle, right below the chat title. No subtitle is displayed when the conversation has no subject set or when set to null. Defaults to "subject".

(also see ChatboxOptions.chatTitleMode and InboxOptions.feedConversationTitleMode)

Optional chatTitleMode

chatTitleMode: "subject" | "participants"

Controls what text appears in the chat title, in the header above the messages. Defaults to "participants".

(also see ChatboxOptions.chatSubtitleMode and InboxOptions.feedConversationTitleMode)

Optional dir

dir: "rtl" | "ltr"

Optional. Controls the text direction (for supporting right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew). TalkJS tries to determine the appropriate text direction from the parent page, but if that does not work or you want to explicitly control it, you can override it here.

Optional messageSuggestion

messageSuggestion: undefined | string

Optional. Sets the message input box to the given text. You can use this to suggest a certain initial message to be sent. The user can still edit it before hitting "send".

Optional showChatHeader

showChatHeader: undefined | true | false

Optional, defaults to true. Set to false to make TalkJS display the chat without its header (the upper bar that shows names and the user's photo).

Optional thirdparties

thirdparties: ThirdPartyOptions

TalkJS leverages iframes behind the scenes and therefore not all services that you use in your app will work out of the box. This option adds support for a number of services to help you use them. Let us know if you're missing any.

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