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Interface HtmlPanelOptions


  • HtmlPanelOptions



Optional conversation

conversation: Conversation | ConversationBuilder | string

Either a Conversation object (as returned from getOrCreateConversation) or the id field of a conversation (which you may have stored in your database). If given the HTML panel called will only show up for that conversation.

Optional height

height: undefined | number

Optional, defaults to 300 (px).

Optional show

show: undefined | true | false

Optional, defaults to true. Set false if you don't want the HTML panel to be shown after createHtmlPanel is called. You can change the visibility of the HTML panels by calling .hide() or .show() on the HtmlPanel instance returned by createHtmlPanel's promise.


url: string

Required. URL you want to load inside the HTML panel. Url can be absolute ("https://www.mycompany.com/register-form.html") or relative ("register-form.html"). We recommend using same origin pages to have better control of the page. Learn more about HTML Panels and same origin pages here.

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