Healthcare solutions

Chat messaging for the healthcare industry

Build a chat feature with the TalkJS chat API to help doctors and patients get in contact anytime, anywhere, and in a secure way.
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Connect doctors and patients with private and secure 1-on-1 chat

Provide on-demand access to healthcare for your patients to get the most out of doctor-patient communication and drive better results. Give doctors, staff, and patients a central place where they can easily share relevant documents and images, from anywhere and anytime.

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How Aldrig Alene uses TalkJS chat to bring mental health care and wellbeing to young people
It was lightweight, simple to implement, cost-effective, and has great support. I think we have passed around 300,000 messages with the youngsters.
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Jan Hjørdie
Co-founder & Developer, Aldrig Alene

Replace hundreds of daily calls with in-app chat

Most of the doctor-patient conversations are made in person or on a call. By providing a centralised messaging system for everyone involved, both doctors and staff can save time managing cases online. A large number of patients will use in-app chat instead of calling, and that way, unloading the staff from the endless incoming calls.

Messaging also makes the communication more streamlined as it serves as a centralised point of conversation with the entire chat history preserved.

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Get started

Integrate chat with a few lines of code

You just need to tell us which conversation to display, who's chatting, and where to show it on the page. We take care of the rest! And if you want a deeper integration, we have all the APIs you'll need to add functionality or integrate into your own systems.

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2 <Chatbox conversationId={}/>

Tune the look and feel of your chat

You can deeply customise the chat UI with HTML and CSS. With TalkJS Themes you have complete control over the styling, the layout, and document structure of the chat messages and the possibility to show metadata.

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It was lightweight, simple to implement, cost-effective and has great support. Aldrig Alene would definitely not be here today at that state we are now if we didn't have TalkJS on our website.
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Jan Hjørdie
Co-founder & Developer, Aldrig Alene