API Changelog

Versioning policy

We do not introduce a version when we extend the API in a non-breaking way. That means that new endpoints or new optional endpoint parameters won't have their own version. By default, all API requests which don't explicitly specify a version use a default version. The default API version is specified for your App in the Dashboard under settings.

You can use the TalkJS-REST-Version header to override the API version per HTTP request:

curl /v1/${appId}/users/${userId} \
-H "TalkJS-REST-Version: 2021-02-09"


Here is the changelog of all available versions for a current API. The versions include only breaking changes, so no new features are described below.


  • Updated conversation leaving (documentation)
    • New behavior is to leave the conversation completely, removing it from the conversation list
    • Previous behavior (where old messages are still viewable after leave) is achievable via a access: None request to modify the participation


  • Updated conversation listing (for all conversations or specific user):
    • Added sorting options
    • Changed default sorting to be by last activity
    • Added offsetTs for pagination


The first version of the TalkJS REST API.