REST API versions

The REST API is versioned, to ensure that your code keeps working when we need to make breaking changes. This page gives an overview of the API versioning policy and available versions.

Versioning policy

A new API version is introduced only when we need to make breaking changes. Non-breaking changes, such as a new endpoint or new optional endpoint parameters, don't have their own version.

All API requests use the latest version by default. You can find the default API version for your app on the Settings page of your dashboard.

To override the default API version, you can use the TalkJS-REST-Version header to specify per HTTP request what version you would like to use:

curl /v1/${appId}/users/${userId} \
-H "TalkJS-REST-Version: 2021-02-09"


Here is an overview of all available versions of the REST API. The version descriptions list only breaking changes, not new features that don't cause breaking changes.


  • Fixed a bug related to the response status in the TalkJS API. Previously, when conversations were fetched for a non-existing user, the API incorrectly returned a 200 status code. This has been corrected to return a 404 status code, aligning with the expected behavior for non-existing users.


  • Updated leaving a conversation, to completely remove a conversation from the conversation list when a user leaves a conversation.
    • To remove a user's access to a conversation but still keep old messages viewable, set that user's participation status to access: None instead, with a request to modify participation.


  • Updated conversation listing for all conversations or a specific user:
    • Added sorting options
    • Changed default sorting to be by last activity
    • Added offsetTs for pagination


The first version of the TalkJS REST API.