What about user data security?

We strongly encourage you to turn on Identity Verification in order to protect your user’s data. With Identity Verification, your backend sends a digital signature of the current user’s ID to TalkJS. This signature cannot normally be forged, so it proves that the current user identified to TalkJS is really the user logged in to […]

Where is the data stored/hosted?

All the message and conversation data is stored on the TalkJS servers, but of course you have access to it at all times using our REST API or Webhooks. Alternatively, we can do an export and send it over anytime you’d ask. Our servers are fully located within the EU. We do plan to extend […]

Can I migrate my data to another provider/in-house solution?

We don’t currently have a big green export button, but until we do, get in touch with us any time and we’ll give you all your data, no questions asked. For timezone reasons we might take at most 24 hours to do this but we’re planning to fully automate it entirely. In terms of values, […]

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