How do I cancel my TalkJS subscription?

To cancel your subscription, log in to the TalkJS dashboard and go to the billing page. Click “cancel subscription”. Your account remains active until the end of the current billing period, but you will no longer be charged. If at any point before your billing period ends, you decide you’d like to continue your subscription, […]

Can I use my TalkJS subscription / appID on multiple websites?

Technically it is possible, although we would recommend against it unless you intend for users to be able to communicate with each other across the websites. If you want to ensure that each website has its own isolated TalkJS chat environment we suggest you have one TalkJS account / subscription per website.

What do I fill in under “VAT number”?

TalkJS is run from the Netherlands, which is in the European Union. This means that if you are operating from an EU member country, we will need to charge you Dutch VAT. If you’re also a registered business, however, this VAT becomes 0%(*), which is convenient. For that we will need the VAT number of […]

How can I delete my account?

We can delete your account for you from our database, but nothing will happen when your account is not deleted. Please let us know if you want to unsubscribe and we will make sure you won’t get any email notifications anymore.

How can I change my password?

It is not yet possible to change your own password in the TalkJS dashboard, but we can do this for you. Please share your TalkJS app ID with us and we will reset your password personally for you.

Do you offer a free sandbox/development account?

Yes, all plans include a forever free development mode. You get credentials for using TalkJS in production by “going live” – this is the process of entering credit card information and going through checkout. Once you do that, you have two fully separate apps in the TalkJS dashboard, with two fully separate groups of users, […]

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