Which subprocessors handle user data for TalkJS?

TalkJS is a European company and, by default, all user data is stored in the EU. We are fully GDPR compliant and we care deeply about the privacy of your users and the security of your data. We use a number of cloud providers to process user data: All data and message data about users, […]

What about user data security?

Every aspect of TalkJS has been designed with security and privacy in mind. We foster a security-conscious engineering culture to ensure that we’re always ahead of the curve with this. For example, all communication with TalkJS is forced to go over encrypted channels (HTTPS) — TalkJS simply refuses to work without encryption. We strongly recommend […]

Where is the data stored/hosted?

All the message and conversation data is stored on the TalkJS servers, but of course you have access to it at all times using our REST API or Webhooks. Alternatively, we can do an export and send it over anytime you’d ask. Our servers are fully located within the EU. We do plan to extend […]

Can I migrate my data to another provider/in-house solution?

We don’t currently have a big green export button, but until we do, get in touch with us any time and we’ll give you all your data, no questions asked. For timezone reasons we might take at most 24 hours to do this but we’re planning to fully automate it entirely. In terms of values, […]

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