Captivate your virtual event audience with chat

Build an interactive experience for thousands of viewers and amplify their engagement.

Riot Games
British Gas

Connect thousands of gamers just like on Twitch

Create a place where thousands of gamers can come every day to chat, interact, and have fun.

Build a live comments section similar to Youtube Live

Make every live event more engaging by enabling real-time comments for your audience.

Add a stadium-like experience to your eSports platform

Make it possible for fans to cheer, celebrate and interact in a virtual match.


Get as close as possible to a real-life event experience

All the messaging features that make for an unforgettable live stream experience come out-of-the-box.

  • • Users can share their experience with emoticons
  • • They can send rich media in group chat
  • • Admins can broadcast channel-wide announcement messages

Moderate and analyse user activity

Proactively moderate and analyze the activity in your virtual event. Get insights about user experience and protect the audience from inappropriate conduct.

  • • Use word blacklists to filter profanities
  • • Take a look at chat history and get audience insights
  • • Track the level of engagement with user activity data

"It took less than a week to implement the large group chat."

Flo Crivello
CEO at Teamflow

“We were able to offload all messaging to TalkJS – simplifying our own development of an otherwise complex stack.”

Deryk Wenaus
CTO at Retreat Guru

"Kudos on a great platform.. we tested many (sendbird, cometchat, etc).. yours stands out by far"

Juan Carlos Cardoso Riveroll
Founder at Manoexperta

"We needed support for large groups (1000 or so) and to be able to get it live in a week."

Flo Crivello
CEO at Teamflow

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Build an interactive experience for thousands of viewers and amplify their engagement.