Third Party Integrations

TalkJS leverages iframes behind the scenes and therefore not all services that you use in your app will work out of the box. We offer explicit support for a number of services to help you use them. Let us know if you're missing any.

You can pass an option called thirdparties (reference) to createInbox, createChatbox and createPopup.


By default, FullStory can't capture the TalkJS UIs on your page because of browser limitations. If you are using FullStory, you can pass your organization ID to be able to monitor conversations. In the code snippet shared by FullStory, find the line that starts with window['_fs_org'] to find your organization ID. For example:

const inbox = session.createInbox({
// ..other inbox options
thirdparties: {
fullstory: {
org: '7N8Q6',