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Add chat between users to your jobs or freelancer platform

Build chat into your platform in a few hours with our chat API and pre-built UI. With TalkJS, you can create a first-class hiring experience by helping recruiters and jobseekers, as well as companies and freelancers, get in touch via chat.
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Connect companies and freelancers to build trust across your platform

Both freelancers and companies expect a messaging feature on a freelancing platform. Not only does it make the user experience better as users don't need to switch the conversation elsewhere, but it also builds trust. Users on both sides can access message history and proof if one party doesn't respect the contract.

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How FreeUp connects thousands of companies and freelancers by using TalkJS
If not for the chat we would continue to devalue our brand by not having FreeUp front and centre with both clients and freelancers at all times. We chose TalkJS because it was easy to deploy.
Matt Harrison
VP of Strategy, FreeUp

Connect recruiters and jobseekers with chat to increase response rate

When a recruiter on your team is available, conversations with jobseekers can take place immediately. Recruiters can get to know the candidate before jumping on a video call, and candidates can inquire about the position by simply sending a message on the website chat.

Conversations shift to email when a recruiter or a candidate is not available, giving everyone the ability to send and receive messages even when offline.

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How Workbank increased candidate response rate by integrating chat into their job portal
Based on feedback from our IT department, TalkJS implementation process was easy, support was readily available, and the pricing was affordable.
Reggie Fernandes
Country Head, Workbank
Get started

Integrate chat with a few lines of code

You just need to tell us which conversation to display, who's chatting, and where to show it on the page. We take care of the rest! And if you want a deeper integration, we have all the APIs you'll need to add functionality or integrate into your own systems.

1<Session appId="9352938974" userId={me.id}>
2 <Chatbox conversationId={conversation.id}/>

Tune the look and feel of your chat

You can deeply customise the chat UI with HTML and CSS. With TalkJS Themes you have complete control over the styling, the layout, and document structure of the chat messages and the possibility to show metadata.

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TalkJS has been an integral part of our user experience since the beginning. Thanks to TalkJS, today Audry manages thousands of conversations and file-shares directly within the platform.
Eugenio Warglien
Co-founder, Audry