Add chat between recruiters and candidates to your hiring platform

With TalkJS you can create a first-class hiring experience by helping recruiters and candidates get in touch anytime and anywhere.

Build a chat into your platform in a few days

TalkJS is a complete chat solution, frontend and backend, in a single package that developers can use to add chat between users to a hiring platform.

Our chat API supports all the essential features you'll need to bring a first-class messaging experience to recruiters and candidates.

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Switch from email to modern chat messaging

Communication goes a long way towards finding the right hire. Conversations need to move beyond email at one point, but hiring managers don't always have time for dozens and dozens of phone calls or video conferences.

That's where chat gets into play by enabling recruiters to evaluate candidates before the next step in the hiring process.

What our customers say

"The fact that we could use TalkJS when we evolved to a React Native app was really helpful. Otherwise, we would have been forced to reinvent the wheel with a different solution, which would have been a large opportunity cost for us."

— Nicholas Smith, the Co-founder & CPO, Surehand

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Give candidates an option to chat with recruiters right away

When a recruiter on your team is available, conversations with candidates can take place immediately. Recruiters can get to know the candidates in person before jumping on a video call. Candidates can inquire about the position by simply sending a message on the website chat.

Conversations shift to email when a recruiter or a candidate is not available, giving everyone the ability to send and receive messages even when offline.

Recruiter-candidate chat improves hiring success rate

Give candidates a better hiring experience and provide recruiters with tools that make it possible. With TalkJS, you can create chat questionnaires for pre-screening purposes, use email and push notifications to keep potential hires in the loop, and share any media type inside the chat.

By providing a better hiring experience, your success rate will skyrocket.

Automate the screening process with recruitment chatbots

With TalkJS, developers can easily create and deploy a recruitment chatbot you can customize to fit your hiring process perfectly. For example, a chatbot can help you screen resumes, send assessment invites, schedule interviews, or help you with other tasks during the recruitment process.

All the essential messaging features

The TalkJS chat API is fully featured. It provides all the messaging features you will need to create a fantastic experience for recruiters and candidates. From push, SMS and email notifications to emoji, message search, typing indicators, file sharing, and a lot more.

TalkJS supports advanced features like email & SMS fallback, word blacklists, location sharing, and real-time message translations.

Customize the chat interface to fit your website or app design

Tune the look and feel of the chat UI with TalkJS themes. By changing a few lines of CSS, you can easily customize the chat design.

Adjust fonts, borders, colors, and other properties to customize the chat UI and make it fit your website or app design perfectly.

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Create a fantastic hiring experience by connecting recruiters and candidates with a first-class chat feature.