With TalkJS you get a built-in notification system

Notify users on any channel. TalkJS supports email, mobile, SMS, and browser notifications — out of the box.
Monday, June 17
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Filip via FreeUp
53m ago
What is your availability like next week?
Filip via FreeUp
54m ago
We would like to invite you to interview for the role.
Filip via FreeUp
55m ago
Hi Marty, thanks for applying for the Frontend Engineer position.
We integrated with 3rd party services so you don't have to

You don't need to assemble several services to get everything working — use our plug and play notifications. We take care of what's under the hood as well as the look and feel of the notifications. From Postmark for email, to Android and Apple for mobile notifications, and Amazon Web Services for SMS.


Advanced notifications users can reply to directly from email


Supported on Flutter and React Native SDKs


SMS fallback when users are offline so no message is missed


Engage users when they're not focused on the chat

Learn how Red Thread makes use of TalkJS email notifications
The creators and students both love the chat feature and the email integration that allows them to just answer directly from their email client.
Alexander Seidmann
CEO, Red Thread
Chat is completely in sync with email

TalkJS email notifications make it possible for users to chat by using email even when not on your platform. Replying to the email lands the message back into the chat. It works well when users can't access the chat.

Offline users get chat messages delivered to email

Leave no user behind. Users will get every chat message delivered right into their email inbox, even when they are not active on your platform.

Replying to email lands the message back into the chat

Users can reply to an email notification and the message will land back in the chat inbox within your platform, making sure that the conversation is not lost.

SMS offline notifications illustration
We chose TalkJS because it had email notifications built-in, alongside the plug-and-play chat UI.
Matias Anaya
Software Engineer, Kaddy
Keep users engaged with push notifications

Notify your users with a mobile notification when they receive a new chat message. Let users respond quickly while doing other things. With our React Native and Flutter SDKs, we have made it easy to integrate TalkJS into your app as well as mobile push notifications.

Mobile push notifications illustration
Notify users via SMS while they're offline

If a user gets a message while offline, TalkJS sends an SMS (and email, depending on your configuration). You can also customise the look of the SMS messages.

SMS offline notifications illustration
Trigger browser notifications and engage users when they're not looking

Browser notifications on new messages keep your users engaged even when they're not looking. When a new message comes in, these will pop over all windows, as long as one browser tab has your app open.

Browser notifications illustration
We introduced TalkJS as a replacement of email and phone/fax. Also as data bank for conversation history.
Todor Todorov
CEO, Frontline Dynamics