Message center

Reach your users with an integrated inbox inside your app

Build a white-label message center into your app and keep your users in the loop. Messages persist over time. Support for email and SMS is available.
Message center example

Create a hub for communication supported by notifications

Reach your users at any time in your own environment instead of having messages scattered over expensive third-party services.

Persistent messages

History of messages will be preserved indefinitely

Rich media

You can share any type of file with your users


Add polls, buttons, reactions, and replies to messages

Email and SMS fallback

Users receive an email or SMS message when offline

Integrate the chat UI with a few lines of code

You just need to tell us which communication to display, who's receiving messages, and where to show it on the page. We take care of the rest! And if you want a deeper integration, we have all the APIs you'll need to add functionality or integrate into your own systems.

1Talk.ready.then(function () {
2 const me = new Talk.User({
3 id: "notificationsExampleReceiver",
4 name: "Alice",
5 email: "",
6 phone: "+447700900000",
7 photoUrl: "",
8 role: "default",
9 });
10 const talkSession = new Talk.Session({
11 appId: "<APP_ID>", // replace with your app ID
12 me: me,
13 });
15 const inbox = talkSession.createInbox();
16 inbox.mount(document.getElementById("talkjs-container"));
17 inbox.messageField.setVisible(false);

Style and customize the look and layout

You can deeply customize the TalkJS pre-built UI with HTML and CSS. With TalkJS Themes you have complete control over the design, including styling, layout, and document structure of messages and the possibility to show metadata.

Notifcation center example
We chose TalkJS because it had email notifications built-in, alongside the plug-and-play chat UI.
Matias Anaya
Software Engineer, Kaddy

Drive engagement by making your messages interactive

TalkJS empowers you to create a variety of interactive chat experiences that complement and enhance your messages.

Interactive buttons
Create quick reply buttons
Polls feature
Engage users with polls or surveys
Reply feature
Allow users to reply to your messages
Emoji reactions feature
Users can react to messages with emojis
We introduced TalkJS as a replacement of email and phone/fax. Also as data bank for conversation history.
Todor Todorov
CEO, Frontline Dynamics