Transition into the remote work era by connecting users with chat

With TalkJS you can easily build a messaging feature that is tailored for users in remote work environments. Use our flexible chat API and SDK to integrate chat into any website or app to connect people. Wherever they are.

Ship fast with our Chat API & pre-built chat UI

TalkJS is a complete chat solution, frontend and backend, in a single package that developers can use to add chat between users to any platform.

It supports all the essential features you'll need to bring a first-class messaging experience to your users.

Getting started tutorial

The first step to a remote-friendly UX

Whether you're building a team collaboration tool, education platform, hiring site or something else, a messaging feature can tremendously improve user experience and engagement.

Take the first step to becoming remote-friendly by building custom 1-on-1 messaging and chatrooms.

What our customers say

“The teachers definitely use the chat a lot. If we had not built it we’d have many customers not satisfied with our capabilities for remote teaching.”

– Micha Riser, CTO at Classtime

Out-of-the-box messaging features

With TalkJS you can connect any two users on any platform and start the transformation to a remote-ready UX.

Our chat API supports essential messaging features like emoji, message search, typing indicators, file sharing, and all types of notifications.

Explore features

Create a team collaboration tool

Bring your whole remote team together by building your own version of Slack. One you can customize any way you like and integrate with other internal tools.

Or build a team collaboration feature into an existing platform and deploy it to customers at scale.

Add chat into a video conferencing tool

TalkJS makes it easy to build and embed 1-on-1 and group messaging features into a video chat solution.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Build the feature and ship faster with our chat API that's packed with out-of-the-box features.

Customize the chat UI to blend into your design

Tune the look and feel of the chat UI with TalkJS themes. By changing a few lines of CSS, you can easily customize the chat design.

Adjust fonts, borders, colors, and other properties to customize the chat UI and make it fit your website or app design perfectly.

Ready to get started?

Create a remote-friendly platform by building awesome messaging features.