If a user has a role set and has at least one email address, they will automatically start receiving email notifications when they are offline. Users can have more than one email address and TalkJS will notify all email addresses on record.

Email notifications are not sent with each message but rather grouped to avoid spamming the user's inbox.

Thanks to TalkJS's design as a slow chat solution, TalkJS supports reply-via-email. When a user replies to a notification email, their reply will show up in the conversation.

Emails sent by TalkJS are customizable in our Dashboard.

To disable email notifications for a user, you can set their email field to null to remove their emails on record. You can also mute notifications for a particular conversation (via the REST API) in which case your user won't receive any notifications for that conversation, including emails.

Read more about linking back to your app.

  • Webhooks provides several events related to email notifications: notification.triggered, notification.sent, notification.delivered, notification.bounced, notification.opened, notification.link.clicked
  • REST/Participations can be used to enable/disable notifications via the REST API
  • Customizing Notification Content