About our company

Founded in 2016, we're a fully-distributed company dedicated to building a chat API that helps people ship a chat feature in their app or website in minutes. Additionally, we built a unique remote-first culture, giving people the freedom and flexibility to focus on doing their best work without meetings and other distractions getting in the way.

Today, we have a growing and experienced team delivering service excellence, hyperfocused on building the best chat APIs and SDKs that work with any programming language or framework. And we're proudly serving customers large and small in 60+ countries with millions of monthly active users.

TalkJS team Zoom call

Who we are


We're a fully distributed team, with team members spread across Europe and Africa.

HQ in The Netherlands

Our founders are based in The Netherlands, you're welcome to come visit us in Eindhoven.

Founded by makers

TalkJS is founded by developers and designers; we're product-led and stay focused on shipping great features.

Growing and profitable

We're a healthy business with real revenues without being dependent on VC funding.

What we do

Chat API and SDKs

We're building the messaging framework for the internet. TalkJS is a SaaS startup that lets you create custom chat features in minutes instead of months. We're product-driven and help power a fast-growing number of marketplaces, communities, and other platforms where people need to communicate.

Our chat API and SDKs are experienced by millions of people. We're growing fast, and we believe we have a chance to build a once-in-a-lifetime company with significant impact.

We needed chat and didn't want to build it ourselves because it needs to be really great. The TalkJS team is laser-focused on chat, and we're focused on building a great auction marketplace.
Dennis Pereira
Head of Product, Catawiki

How we work

Healthy work-life balance

Because you can't ship great stuff when you're tired and overworked.

Respectful work culture

Because only constructive feedback makes the product better.


Every team member proactively proposes and ships improvements, which lets us skip a lot of the usual project management overhead.

Small team

Because a few fast movers can get as much done as four layers of management with hundreds of bureaucracy-shackled team members.

What we use

Technology stack and tooling

TalkJS is structured as a typical client-server application and our tech stack is ever-evolving. We like to balance our technology with modern and proven solutions.

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Want to work with us?

We're hiring

If you like building products instead of having meetings, TalkJS is the right place for you.