About our company

We aim to provide you with the best-in-class chat API and SDKs so you won't have to worry about chat yourself.


The chat platform for mobile and web applications

TalkJS is a user-to-user messaging component that you can integrate into your site as easily as a YouTube video. It allows you to directly connect e.g. a buyer and a seller on your marketplace without involvement from customer support staff.

The TalkJS features are similar to chat functionalities found in Linkedin, Airbnb, or Upwork.

The TalkJS team

We're product people

We're a distributed team headquartered in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). Our founders are designers and developers by trade. The ambition to always strive for the highest possible quality of product design and development is ingrained into the DNA of the company.

Marcin Koba


Frederik Creemers


Ashley Boxshall


Joshua Schoenaker

Co-founder (designer)

Egbert Teeselink

Co-founder (programmer)


We're venture backed

We're proudly funded by Europe's top institutional investors, as well as a group of amazing angels.

Pioneers Ventures

Investing in early-stage startups & empowering entrepreneurs to succeed on a global scale.


BOM is an economic development company that works as a growth accelerator for companies in Brabant, The Netherlands.

What our customers say

"TalkJS has been working very well for us and the designers on Crowdyhouse love it. It is saving our support team a lot of time that customers can speak directly with the designers."

Mark Studholme
CEO at Crowdyhouse

Ready to get started?

Whether you're building a marketplace, on-demand business, e‑commerce, crowdfunding, travel and events platform, TalkJS is the chat tool for you.