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Companies that like to ship fast use TalkJS

TalkJS is a chat API with a pre-built UI that helps product teams ship a chat feature in minutes, not months, with just a few lines of code.
Not having customers being able to chat was costing us sales and revenue. We also considered Sendbird and Stream. TalkJS was very easy to integrate and gave us the flexibility we needed.
Flo Crivello
Founder & CEO, Teamflow
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We wanted good system stability and were also looking at Sendbird. We went with TalkJS because it was cost efficient compared to the market.
Virdienash Haqmal
CPO, Itemku
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One of the main reasons we chose TalkJS was the pricing. It was best aligned with our usage, as we have a large number of users but low usage per user.
Micha Riser
CTO, Classtime
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The load on our customer service reduced drastically and our conversion rate increased by allowing our users to communicate with each other.
Sarah Bleiker
Product Manager, The Next Closet
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I just wanted to mention that we launched TalkJS and have been monitoring the activity. We're so pleased to finally have a chat solution on our marketplace and it was incredibly easy to setup and looks and functions fantasticly.
Shayne Kasai
Engineer, Retreat Guru
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TalkJS has been an integral part of our user experience since the beginning, allowing us to bring a fully fledged in-app chat solution in our first version of the platform. Thanks to TalkJS, today Audry manages thousands of conversations and file-shares directly within the platform.
Eugenio Warglien
Co-founder, Audry
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If not for the chat we would continue to devalue our brand by not having FreeUp front and centre with both clients and freelancers at all times. We chose TalkJS because it was easy to deploy.
Matt Harrison
VP of Strategy, FreeUp
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Based on feedback from our IT department, TalkJS implementation process was easy, support was readily available, and the pricing was affordable.
Reggie Fernandes
Country Head, Workbank
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The power of TalkJS is that it's highly customisable and user-friendly. We feel very comfortable talking to customers about our chat integration, because we can offer them a plug and play solution and give them the possibility to adjust the chat widget to their needs.
Paul van den Broek
Head of Product, Coosto
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We chose TalkJS because it had email notifications built-in, apart from plug-and-play chat UI. We have ~1000 conversations happening through chat that would have happened off-platform or not happen at all otherwise.
Matias Anaya
Software Engineer, Kaddy
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The creators and students both love the chat feature and the email integration that allows them to just answer directly from their mail client.
Alexander Seidmann
CEO, Red Thread
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I think we have passed around 300,000 messages with the youngsters, and have helped several hundred. And even some of the really tough cases. TalkJS was lightweight, simple to implement, cost-effective, and has great support.
Jan Hjørdie
Co-founder & Developer, Aldrig Alene
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Super cool tool. I'm currently using Intercom and I'm adding TalkJS for user to user conversations. I run an education technology startup.
Andrew Hill
Co-founder & CEO, LiftEd
We needed chat and didn't want to build it ourselves because it needs to be really great. The TalkJS team is laser-focused on chat, and we're focused on building a great auction marketplace.
Dennis Pereira
Head of Product, Catawiki
After investigating 3 to 4 other chat APIs, I was impressed with how simple integration was. If you are looking for a truly drop in ready in-app chat service, give them a try.
Patrick Quilty
Software Engineer, IDEA Public Schools