Use cases

Chat solutions for multi-user platforms

TalkJS is a chat API that helps product teams build any chat use case in minutes, not months, with just a few lines of code.


Connect buyers and sellers to drive more transactions and keep the conversation flowing on your platform. With TalkJS you can build a chat into your marketplace in minutes.


Build a white-label chat for your SaaS product. TalkJS works great for companies that want to build custom messaging features at scale without the need to develop from scratch.

AI chatbots

Simplify your chatbot development and focus on perfecting the bot experience. With our ready-to-use, hosted UI you can remove the frontend work from the equation.

Message center

Reach your users with an integrated inbox inside your app. Build a white-label message center and always keep your users in the loop.


Connect students and educators to enhance learning experiences. Establish a collaborative platform for the entire class to interact effortlessly.

On-demand services

Allow your customers and service providers to effectively communicate with each other. Use our chat API and pre-built UI to build a messaging feature into your on-demand app.

Social and communities

Don't let your community leave for third party chat apps. With native messaging, you can keep users from switching to messaging apps like WhatsApp, Discord, or Slack.


Build a chat feature to help doctors and patients get in contact anytime, anywhere, and securely. TalkJS works great as a messaging solution for the healthcare industry.

Virtual events

The fastest way to add a chatbox next to any livestream event. Bring an interactive experience for thousands of viewers and amplify their engagement.

Hiring platforms

Create a first-class hiring experience by helping recruiters and jobseekers, as well as companies and freelancers, get in touch via chat.

Remote work

Add a team collaboration chat into any website or app to easily connect individuals and teams. Wherever they are in the world.