Who Partners with TalkJS?

Companies that want to build custom messaging features at scale without the need to develop them from scratch.

  • SaaS providers
  • Software development agencies
  • Freelance developers

Partnering with us makes it easy to manage multiple customers and TalkJS accounts by applying for a multi-license partnership.


Case Study

How Coosto Provided More Value To Customers By Building A Chat Feature

Coosto is a social media management platform that partnered up with TalkJS to create a scalable live chat feature their customers could easily add to their website. The partnership made it easy to distribute the feature to their end users and is a great fit for their SaaS product.

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“There’s always a lot of communication happening when starting a partnership and integration. Both parties had close contact with each other and we had great support from TalkJS when implementing the chat solution into the Coosto platform. This results in the possibility for us to offer more value towards our customers.”

Paul van den Broek
Paul van den Broek

Product Manager at Coosto

Become a TalkJS partner

Multi-license partnership program

Partnering with TalkJS makes it possible to launch messaging features faster and save on development costs.

  • Build reliable and scalable features for user-to-user communication
  • Add messaging features to any framework or platform
  • White-label your chat to make it blend into the user interface
  • Manage multiple customer accounts and billing much easier