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White-label chat for SaaS products

The fastest way to add a custom chat feature into your SaaS product. With TalkJS, developers can ship in minutes instead of months.
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Reliable, controllable, and scalable features for user-to-user communication

TalkJS works great for companies that want to build custom messaging features at scale without the need to develop them from scratch. Partnering with us makes it easy to manage multiple customers and TalkJS accounts by applying for a multi-license partnership.

Moderation and analytics illustration Monitor specific conversations
Moderation and analytics illustration Analyse user data within timeframes

Build a chat MVP in 10 minutes

Instead of waiting for months to get your chat up and running — launch a functional feature today and test it out. It's possible because TalkJS works seamlessly with any framework or programming language, and provides a pre-built chat UI and notifications out of the box.

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How Coosto built a chat feature for their content management platform
There's always a lot of communication happening when starting a partnership and integration. Both parties had close contact with each other and we had great support from TalkJS when implementing the chat solution into the Coosto platform. This results in the possibility for us to offer more value towards our customers.
Paul van den Broek
Product Manager, Coosto

Customise the pre-built UI to match your product design

We built the chat UI so you don't have to — just add the finishing touch. You can use the default UI or customise the design to fit your product perfectly. Choose from three different layouts — that are highly customisable — which you can mix and match to suit your needs.

Cusmtom UI chat example

All the little messaging features your users want

Create a messaging experience similar to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram. In TalkJS, you can manage conversations and create private chats or engage multiple users in a channel, topic, or group. It's about shaping the chat to fit your use case.

  • Channels, groups, and topics
  • Online presence indicators
  • In-conversation search
  • Real-time translation
  • Typing and read indicators
  • Custom message actions
  • Mentions
  • Replies
  • Voice messages
  • Unread message counter
  • Conversation history
  • File sharing
  • Location sharing
  • Text formatting
  • Emojis
  • Link previews
  • Edit message
TalkJS chat features example
Because implementing TalkJS was as fast and easy as it was, we were able to greenlight and move this project along very quickly. Had we not chosen this path, the feature would have either been delayed, or shelved due to the resources needed to implement it.
Luis Hansen
Engineering Manager, StyleSeat